Advantages Of Pilates

In Advantages Of Pilates by Travis M. Reeves

Most people who have no clue what Pilates is will point to how silly it all looks from afar. But don’t let this elegant sport fool you. Pilates is actually a high octane sport that has a lot of health benefits to it. So don’t judge a book by its cover and dwell into the world of Pilates

It Improves Bone Density

People tend to believe that to build muscles one needs to put resistance or weight against it to build the dynamic tissue. All that is true but did you know that the first step to Pilates is to exercise with resistance and apparatus strings. The exercise is done to make you adapt and become dynamic while building bone density. Have dense bones are surprisingly an important aspect of Pilates. Just remember that you’re going to be in for a wild ride if you enrol for your first Pilates session.

Weight Loss

If you want to learn a new sport while still burning those nasty calories, Pilates might be the perfect solution for you. To lose a pound of weight a week, you would be required to burn 500 calories per day. And to do that Ladies and Gentlemen is no easy feat. Experts believe that Pilates can help you lose up to 8 calories per minute. Most Pilates sessions last for 45 to 60 minutes per day, which should help you reach the promised land in no time.

It Eases Back Pain

Those suffering from back pain know how ridiculously painful some days can be. Well, we have a solution for you, enrol in a Pilates class and reap the benefits in a few months’ time. Pilates helps you to centre your back and improves the overall alignment of the body. A Pilates teacher will take into account your back issue and overtime help you to overcome that nasty niggle. The added benefit is that Pilates will help you improve your balance as well. If you’re still sceptical, then look up Pilates exercises that specifically deal with spine strengthening such as roll up and swan prep.

Abs and more Abs

If you want to get those perfect abs and are tired of doing countless crunches, then try Pilates. Most Pilates exercises not only focus on spine strengthening but also on abdominal muscular strengthening. The beauty of Pilates is that it targets deep underlying muscle that your normal everyday crunches will never develop as well as superficial ones that once strengthened can give you the “six-pack” look. The abdomen isn’t just built, the muscles in the area start to fire a lot more efficiently.