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At Bodyline we focus on individual programs and small group classes.

Group Reformer Lessons

The Studio offers beginner to advanced mat classes.

There is something for everyone at Bodyline

Spinning classes, and core conditioning classes.

About Us

At Bodyline we focus on individual programs and small group classes. Recently renovated, the Bodyline Studio has doubled in size since it opened in 2001. The Studio offers beginner to advanced mat classes, group Reformer lessons, spinning classes, and core conditioning classes. There is something for everyone at Bodyline.

Pilates is a deeper, more intelligent approach to fitness and health enhancement. It is based on the principle of developing a strong yet flexible torso so the whole body becomes better aligned, more balanced, and fit for optimal performance during everyday activities or during sports at any level. Pilates is beneficial for those beginning an exercise routine or for those wishing to complement cardiovascular and strength training workouts. Pilates based workouts have been shown to effectively accelerate recovery from injuries and reducing reoccurrence of injury and chronic symptoms. It is effective for both men and women.

Pilates targets specific muscle groups and is a very precise form of exercise. It is best shown and instructed by a qualified and certified instructor. Maximum results can be obtained through individual instruction on the mat as well as on the Reformer, a specialized piece of equipment specifically for Pilates. Group lessons are also effective and enjoyable, particularly if taken two times per week.

Meet Michelle Rinaldo:

Michelle Rinaldo, Owner and Trainer at Bodyline Pilates and Fitness Studio, the bottom line is client satisfaction and it shows through her dedication to small class sizes and personalized feedback.

Michelle is a fitness expert with training from STOTT Pilates, Dianne Miller’s Pilates Studio, PMA Certified, BOSU Integrated Balance Training, Keiser Power Pacing, Reebok University (Reebok studio cycling), British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association Personal Training, Rehabilitation Training, and Group Fitness Leader Certifications, Can-Fit-Pro Sports Strength Specialists, and Canadian Fitness Education Services, Michelle is the ultimate resource for low impact, effective workouts. As a mom herself, Michelle wanted to give moms an accessible workout that is personalized, and she wanted to give the suburbs access to classes usually only offered downtown. She has 20 years teaching experience and now she trains moms, dads, and teens!

Meet Rene:

Registered Kinesiologist

Rene has great energy and strong moves using body weight!

Spinning Certified

Energetic, dynamic, strong and fun!

CPR and First Aid Certifications

Our Programs and Class Schedule

2017 Bodyline Pilates & Fitness
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9:15am Spin / Circuit
9:30am Spin / Sculpt  TBA
10:30am Group Reformer Privates Group Reformer
11:00am  Group Reformer  Closed
11:30am Privates  Privates Privates
11:45am Privates or Pilates Sculpt
5:15pm  Privates
6:00pm Group Reformer 6:15pm Pilates Sculpt

COST PER CLASS: All Classes Run 11 Weeks except Pilates mat & Reformer $252.00 Does not include Pilates equipment. Drop In $30 for 1 class. For holiday classes please email: pilates@aol.com FALL CLASS SCHEDULE AND PRICE LIST HERE. Visit our Facebook page to learn more about what we do!.


All sessions run 11 weeks for spinning, circuit . All pilates sessions run 5-10 weeks, and after January 2017. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to get your equipment and warm up for classes. All sessions are 55 minutes for Pilates equipment work. All classes are 60 minutes. Anyone registering for a class with chronic injuries or returning from surgery must take private sessions … More classes may be added or canceled depending on registration. Register early only 6 spots available for some classes. Schedule will be updated in January 2017. Private training available upon request. Monday Wednesday and Fridays.

**If you miss a class you must do a make up in another class email when you are away and email to reserve a make up. No refunds, you may sell your classes for spinning to someone. No post dated cheques. 48 hours notice for all private sessions, to avoid being charged.

Thank you for choosing Bodyline since 2001! The best little indoor cycling studio and pilates studio in a private setting, no crowds. Your space is reserved just for you! Classes are rarely canceled train 2-3x week in classes and a couple times on your own or with family and friends and you will be in the best condition until you stop!

Spin Classes Spinning/Circuit punch card for the busy traveler. Email reservation required during office hours Monday-Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm. Bodyline since 2001 Pre payment required.

Individualized Pilates (Privates):

A specialized Pilates based workout performed on a mat, the Reformer equipment, and a trapeze table, designed to improve core strength and flexibility. The Reformer optimally strengthens the abdominals, hips, and back (the core muscles).

Privates $85 each. 4 sessions for $357 tax included.

Group Reformer Lessons

3 people only, Using Pilates Reformer beds, the trapeze table, and mat work. A personalized program either class led, or at your own pace. Good for individuals with injuries and for rehabilitation. Anyone new must complete 5 privates before moving into group reformer.

10 consecutive weekly sessions for $472.00. Taxes included.

Private Fitness Training:

Functional training performed using physiotherapy balls, bands, spinning bikes, balance boards, weights, and the Pilates Reformer bed. An experience all on its own!

5 consecutive weekly sessions for $446.00. Taxes included.

Pilates Mat Classes:

Maximum of six participants per class. Mat exercises are performed with the weight of one’s own body using concentration, control, centering, and breathing.

Maximum 6 Students.

10 consecutive weekly sessions for $262.50. Taxes included.

Semi Private Lessons:

Two people only either using the Pilates equipment, or personal fitness training.

10 consecutive weekly sessions for $472.50

Spinning (Indoor Cycling) Classes:

Implementing road drills to music, using meditation drills to focus, and sweating and burning up to 700 calories in a one hour session. This is a great way to cross train.

$252.00 for 11 weeks

Spin / Circuit (30/30):

Indoor cycling and exercises to help prevent injury done in a circuit setting using bosus and weights and balls and more! Fun Fun Fun!.

Date start: Tuesday January 17 and Friday January 20th.

$252.00 for 11 weeks

Spinning (Indoor Cycling) & Pump:

Spinning followed by weights and bodybars! A killer upper body workout after fatiguing your legs.

$252.00 for 11 weeks

Pilates Apparatus:

3 people $40.00/person. 10 sessions for $420.00/person inc tax.

Price can vary for people taking 3-4 classes a week including Pilates Apparatus.

Postural Pilates:

All levels should have one year of mat work for this class or Reformer experience. You will work in standing positions and on a mat. You will be able to do all Pilates exercises from beginner through to Level 2. 60 mins.

Warm up on the bikes then add a great high energy workout for agility, speed, balance, core, strength. Lots of toning! Trains the neuromuscular system and anaerobic system! Very fun! 60 mins.

New! Pilates circuit Using all Pilates apparatus

A very interesting class going at your own pace. 55 minute circuit class . You will feel energized working your mind and body . Very good neuromuscular training. Maximum 6 students. 8 weeks. Cost $283.00 tax inc. TBA

NEW! Flex Passes

10 classes for $252.00 . Can be used in any class, if space is available. Send an email sent out during office hours to reserve your spot. Expires 2 months from the date of purchase.

Reservation required 12 hours before class time


Only 2 make up class per set allowed with minimum 48 hours notice via an email sent during office hours (Mon – Fri, 10am – 4pm).

A private screening session is required before moving into any Pilates class and Strength class.

1 class drop in $30
5 classes 1 month expiry $142.00
10 classes 2 month expiry $252.00

* Email pilates@aol.com for availability! Spaces fill quickly!
**Have a brief description of injuries from your Doctor or Physiotherapist and check with them about starting any sessions if you have a chronic injury.

Drop off or mail your registration cheques to:

101-6710 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC
V5B 1S6

Email pilates@aol.com for details.

All private and semi-private sessions please email the studio to book. Must cancel 24 hours in advance through email during office hours to avoid charges.
Thank you.


“Michelle’s expertise in Pilates and exercise physiology give her classes an edge over others. She is always up on the latest information and uses the newest techniques in her classes to develop our fitness levels. Her passion for exercise is contagious!”

Cindy Oliver of Federation of Post-Secondary Educators in BC

“Michelle makes an extra effort to ensure her students understand how to perform the exercises correctly to strengthen the intended muscles. It’s the sort of support that I feel is necessary to help me improve my posture and spinal health.”

Dwayne Hendricks of Associated Engineering

Contact Us

101-6710 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC V5B 1S6

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